Long time no whine!

Nurse Lily taking care of Mum

Hello mumz frenz! This Lily here and we is not on holyday which is wen I ooooosually get to rite blawgs to you.

I not been barking Ello cos I been busy like in the pikshur. Yes, I no it is Dad wot is very sick and had to go stay at vets wot is called Opeetal in human. But he is very floppy Dad and has to stay in basket most of time. Soooooooo – Mum has had to do evwithing. She is now go out walkies person, feed that bloody dog person and where is effincat person. She also doin vet stuff like stick needle in Dad – she do it just like wiff me but in tummy, not on back of  neck. That save nice Kristine comin to home kennul in early mawning.  Mum hop out of basket, get Dad cupoftee and then grab flap and poke him in tummy wiff needle. I try to help by licking sore place but he yell at me. He do dat a lot now.

I no she has bin sad bitch cos she talk to me when we out warkies.  Sometimes she go sniffy and NOW she started talking to self in different voices. I no wot dat mean!!! Mum is riting anuvver book! Whenever she talk like two peoples she is “reh-ear-sing” a conversation.

Dad can get out of basket and go walkies but he has own minder called Vincent wot is fee-zee-oferapy person and we not allowed to go wiff. But Vincent have Enlitch lessons wiff mum after zaminashun wiff Dad and he nice to me. I tort him “ask” last time – and I gave him kissie to show we is frenz.

So Mum hav missed you all and kep sayin to me “Muss tell Faboos that one” then going wet in eyes.

She coming back. I am goingto help her rite so you hear from me too.

Ginge n Pipo send you headbump an I share you all big bone for sending love to mum – she reeli preeshiate it xxxx (dat is liks on paper)

4 thoughts on “Long time no whine!

  1. Woof! Woof woof!
    Waf wzf wag tail make Muttley noises and keep evrone gessin….
    Hehehe eeee!

    Gentle squeezes and loves to all.
    C/o the Bingergread House.
    Or should that be Maison Bingergread?
    Somewhere in France.Xx

  2. Lovely to hear from you Lily. Thanks for the bone. Plenty of treats for you and your friends and thanks for looking after Mum and Dad. Big hugs for them and plenty of kisses. Thinking of you all.

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