Unexpected help

After long-night was always a bad time for Vixen. The men with bang-sticks were out in force and their dogs were getting better at finding her hideouts. They tried to chase her towards the bangs but usually she was too clever for them. On this morning, however, she was tired from a night’s foraging and … More Unexpected help

As time moves..

The pups were growing stronger and more independent each day. Sometimes they did not return at night. Dog Otter, as is usual with their kind, had not stayed in the holt with Otter and the pups but had his own hide-away near-by. One evening as Otter was settling down at moon-rise to sleep, she caught … More As time moves..

New friendships

The riverbank folk had few dealings with humans. Granny Wytcher’s offspring was an exception due to her mother having saved Dog Otter’s life. She became a semi-permanent fixture wandering through with her small dog although she couldn’t communicate. Otter supposed they sometimes did “feel thinks” to each other because she could not explain how she knew … More New friendships

The 12 Days of Christmas Blog-Hop. Grande Finale. MASQUE

By some strange coincidence it was high noon in high summer when the stranger hit town. The riverfolk were dozing or chatting lazily in the shade when a creature they had never seen before broke through the bushes. He was about the size of a badger but with a fluffy coat and a long stripey … More The 12 Days of Christmas Blog-Hop. Grande Finale. MASQUE

Storm, Part 2 (Sea) – The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

 All night long the rain continued and the thunderstorm bellowed its rage out over the little village and the creatures hiding around there. Otter pushed herself and her cubs as far into the hedge as possible to protect them, their little bodies nestled into her own. When the sun rose, the storm had ended but … More Storm, Part 2 (Sea) – The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop