In the Beginning

  Exploratory Vessel Earth to Base, over Come in EVE. Hi Astro Space Programme. I have deposited samples on the new planet. Further instructions? Over. Thanks EVE. All vegetal and animal forms in place? Over Affirmative. That fruit the Director said to mark with the Forbidden smell – is that done? (interference) Broken comms, EVE … More In the Beginning


I never found out why she did it. Rumours abounded from Bella wanting the lead part in the school play to me having nicked her boyfriend. All I knew was that from the age of ten I wanted to hide my face. Going to University probably saved my life. I made besties with a handicapped … More Steamy-punk-lady

Small deities

He was fascinated by history. All his life he had listened to stories from other “leftovers” who told him what it was like in the twenty-first century, before the Invasion. Although he was more than half Invader himself, hence no name, he was in love with planet Earth. Discovering what had been the public library … More Small deities

The Hitch

  All my life I had felt disadvantaged, alien, as if I were staring in at humanity through a pane of glass, isolated and only pretending to understand or join in. You’ll imagine my self-disgust when I discovered that it wasn’t a feeling…I really WAS behind a pane of glass, watching, waving but not participating. … More The Hitch

Ever learn?

Elaine loved one thing above all others about being a widow: finally she could rant. Yes, there was nobody in the house since her kids grew up and her husband died (thank God!) but her habit of being out front in the garden gave her some opportunity to communicate.  Just waving at passing cars was … More Ever learn?


It was a strange picture outside the modern University Hospital’s main doors when an emergency vehicle arrived in the middle of the night, hotly pursued by an obscure figure in black robes on a white horse. Seeing the signs in French, an observer might have been surprised to hear the shroud-wearer talking English to a … More MINE!

It’s a mystery!

Like crime novels? Well, you may be looking forward to my new launch on Friday but here is a little mystery story for you. I’ll set the scene and you can try to work it out. Picture a small village in Britain. The sign says  “Yewkay Craïm” It is self-contained, indeed, surrounded by barbed wire … More It’s a mystery!

He’s coming to…

Deaths in the family are never convenient. Most especially if they are distant relatives but to whom one owes respect and living on the other side of the world. Great Aunt Sarah had moved back to the States to be near “the boys” a long time ago, leaving me in rural isolation in France which … More He’s coming to…