Oh yes I can

In my long and varied career most people have come to the conclusion that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it…with the sole exception of Badger, my current husband.

He has spent over 20 years working on the basis that I am mentally 6 and totally unable to do anything at all.

Life has taken a hand in this and put him out of action following a stroke. This has lead to him changing his mind because, obviously, if anything needs doing now, there is only me to do it.

Yesterday I proved it again. Now, I have been caravanning with Badger for two decades or more but it has never crossed his mind that apart from emptying the portaloo, I have changed enormous gas bottles quite regularly. Our cooker in the house kitchen works on bottled gas because in French villages we don’t have mains gas. I have never been allowed to touch the cooker gas bottle even though I am on first-name terms with the machine 

When I was making dinner the gas ran out and I issued one question and two commands…

“Are the gas bottles in the caravan or the outhouse? Sit there. Do NOT come into the kitchen.”

14kg gas bottles

Finding my favourite adjustable wrench I removed the old bottle and carried it out to the back, putting it into the hatchback so I can replace it on Monday. Fetching in the full one was going to be slightly more awkward as it is heavier and has to be manoeuvred around the back yard, wood store, parked caravan etc. With my usual lateral thinking I fetched the sack truck with which I often move the portaloo when on campsites.  Yes, I am trained to mind my back when lifting heavy things so I tilted the gas bottle forwards, slid the front of the trolley under the raised edge and let it down. Bingo! Bottle now on wheels!


I will admit that over an obstacle course it is easier to pull the sack truck than push it so I may have looked odd walking backwards around the backyard but the bottle arrived in the kitchen, was attached to the cooker and life restored to functional normality.

It might just be that a minor miracle has happened – Badger is beginning to see that I am quite capable if left to work things out for myself and not yelled at. Hoorah!

16 thoughts on “Oh yes I can

  1. I don’t have a husband, Ailsa, but I’ve gone back to live with my mother and well… It will take him time, but he’ll learn… Regards and big hugs.

  2. Thank you both – I was dreading a repeat performance of his post heart-attacks game when I had to do everything but he sat himself in a folding chair and directed operations!

  3. Old Badger would have had a much easier time if he had only allowed himself to delegate. Past experiences of useless staff have their part in this.
    He must have been impressed by your use of the sack truck and handling of it like a veteran. Betting says he keeps quiet.
    All part of the entertainment for you.
    Silence might be golden, or you’ve pulled something off that he’s been dubious you’re capable of. The thing is, you always could. Heheheee….x
    All the best to you and the crew.
    Badger too.

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