Long time no whine!

Hello mumz frenz! This Lily here and we is not on holyday which is wen I ooooosually get to rite blawgs to you. I not been barking Ello cos I been busy like in the pikshur. Yes, I no it is Dad wot is very sick and had to go stay at vets wot is … More Long time no whine!


Hello Mumz frenz, Lilydog here. I is confused. Wen I not well I go vet, he stick thing up my bum and needle in neck or give mum poke-down-throat bits. I go home and sleep a lot. Well mum not been well and doing very good impression of Great Dane barking. She went sleepies for … More Confused….

Mumz day

Hello Mumz frenz! Is special day today for all critters to be nice to ther mum. That not hard, we nice to our Mum every day! (that is an explanation mark wot means I is laffing) Problem is we been wotching telly and it say that mumz has to be gived cards n flowers or … More Mumz day

Moovie star!

Mum was so happy you asked for more news that Dad made a moovie of us playing puppies on the bed. You can see how much betterer she is and she LOL a lot. Please click on MOOVIE to see it. Thank you for askin for more noos of us – I will do my … More Moovie star!

Mum gone mentul!

Hello Mum’s friends, Lily here. You know, for small terrier, I am pretty Oh Fay with modern technology. I understand Kom-poo-tur and can even use it sometimes although I have problems with The Space Bar cos I have to use my nose. Well, I am writing this because Mum has gone mentul… again! Not in … More Mum gone mentul!