Bloody Limie

Speaking generally, I prefer animals to humans. Of course I know some people whom I adore just as those who say “I hate dogs” end up cuddling Lilydogge (which is why it is silly to make sweeping generalisations). I have also known people who are convinced that their child even looking at a dog or … More Bloody Limie

Now orchestrated!

In junior school I was drawn to the percussion section of the school orchestra. Of course I was, banging, hitting, generally making a racket was something at which I was rather good. So I spent a few years messing around with triangles, cymbals, tambourines etc. although they wouldn’t let me loose on drums because I … More Now orchestrated!

Would smell as ……

I’m an international criminal in France. Changing first names is not allowed except in very strict circumstances so if you are born James Poobum, you stay James Poobum until you die. That’s why we are so iffy about first names being recognisable. There is a list in the Town Hall so forget about calling your … More Would smell as ……

News from home

I’m writing this by way of re-assurance as some of my on-line friends are worrying about me. Please don’t – I never do. What happened? Well I had a cardiac “incident” which was a bit sudden and scary. I ended up in hospital in Besançon for five  and my heart stopped seven times but they … More News from home


It was a strange picture outside the modern University Hospital’s main doors when an emergency vehicle arrived in the middle of the night, hotly pursued by an obscure figure in black robes on a white horse. Seeing the signs in French, an observer might have been surprised to hear the shroud-wearer talking English to a … More MINE!

No, really?

I have a problem. I want to write my memoirs but I am such a strange character that if you put me in a book, I’d be overdrawn. Thing is, y’ see, that I do things that “normal” people don’t. Ask a usual Joe if he wants to go up in a helicopter and “have … More No, really?

I’m back…

Hello Gang. Here I am back from my usual three-year drama-trauma hospitalization. Neither I nor the specialists have any idea how or why it happened but I suddenly had a “cardiac incident” which isn’t a heart attack but rather unpleasant. My blood pressure and pulse went through the roof causing oxygen deficiency in my brain, … More I’m back…


eugene_delacroix_-la_liberte_guidant_le_peuple [COUNTABLE] a sudden or major change, especially in ideas or methods Last year I came up with the idea of “wisholutions” to avoid the feeling of remorse when breaking “resolutions”. Now I’ve changed my mind again and decided that “wisholutions” are wishy-washy. Do or not do, there is no “try”.  To this end, I … More New Year’s REVOLUTION

Pia Fenton

Coming in on the carpet today is a new friend with her dog. You may have seen her on this blog recently when Brook Cottage Books ran a feature on her novel New England Dreams. I liked the cut of her jib so I invited her back for…… brioche and hot chocolate (despite the summer heat … More Pia Fenton