That’s what it is!

Here I am with my family – yes ALL of it and it’s grand. That old saying of “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” could so easily be reversed and read “ you don’t realise what you haven’t got til you find it again”.

My life at home is pretty isolated although I’m accepted as family in the village, it’s not the same as actually BEING family with all the back-history, in-jokes and feeling of ease. That, coupled with mental health problems helps to make one a bit inward looking and enclosed. My psychiatrist once described being Bipolar as “living without a skin” which is true.

Suzy Liam and meSo here is a rare photo of Otter. Not only otter with a cub but one she has known since it was in its Mummy’s tummy. My cousin’s daughter and her little boy and the cub isn’t looking terrified! In fact he is looking at his mad Nanny Ab and giggling.

I’m back to being mistaken for Auntie’s daughter which is a family joke about the Stork misreading the address and delivering me to the wrong Simpson sister. In fact we even sound identical as when I come back I revert to my mother’s native speech. I daren’t answer the phone without identifying myself because everyone assumes I am Auntie and launches into whatever they had to say to her.

I feel wonderful. Despite my scoliosis playing hell from yomping through Paris with three week’s luggage and my diverticulitis deciding it is in a foreign country and giving me Delhi-belly in my native land! I’m too French these days.

Badger nicked Custard my La Poste van and is currently killing it in Spain with Lily, Piston and the very big caravan in tow. I’ll tell you about his trip in another post. All is now very well in my little world and I’m grateful. Toodle pip.


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