En garde!

What you doing, Ginger? Why my hand? OK I cuddle you  – no? Tickle chin? Scratch top of head? Well what DO you want???? Keep pushing my hand on my computer. Normally you push my hand where you want tickled. Want to see your pictures? Read something?  Oh OK I haven’t been online for ages … More En garde!

Cats call

Hello Auntie’s mates, I am Jin Jurr  wot she hav spoken of. Piston is ritin this for me cos Englitch not my human meow. In the picture I am outside being sad. Y am I sad you arsk. Well Uncle is much better wot is good fing but Auntie who is Piston’s Mum is not good. … More Cats call

Til it happens….

Ask any woman what she would do if her partner hit her and you will probably get one of two answer – 1 bugger off smartish or 2 hit him back. The funny thing is that I would have replied the same until it happened to me. Abusers have a proven track record of making … More Til it happens….

Crossed wires

WARNING – unusually serious post. It’s a damn good job I am Bipolar. The effects of that are very similar to the sort of brain damage I now have since the accidents and coma. If you haven’t already, please have a look at Stephen Fry’s Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. That link is to … More Crossed wires

Disaster stages

Firstly may I apologise to anyone who was alarmed by my sudden announcement on FB that I was retiring to digest some bad news on my health situation. Secondly, I am reminded of the old saying that no experience, no matter how bad, is wasted, if one learns something from it. Lessons learned hard are … More Disaster stages

Not myself

Some of you expressed an interest in an advanced healing procedure I tried on myself so I’ll do my best to give you the basic outline. First off – please do NOT try this at home. I’m lucky enough to have been practising various types of spiritual exercise for a long time and leaping into … More Not myself