Heading on …

As I have announced it to my colleagues, I will make it official. This is an enormous shout-out to Laurence and Stephanie of Crooked Cat Books and to all my lovely author colleagues with whom I have laughed, cried and banged my head on the wall for a few years now. At the end of … More Heading on …

A Grim Story

You may have heard of the tales collected by the brothers Grimm but this isn’t one of them. Once upon a time there were three brothers. Not being a fairy tale, you will understand that there were no magic beans, cows or valiant princes involved. They were just three ordinary sons. The younger two left … More A Grim Story


I get a lot of inspiration from FB and this week it has all been on the above theme. I think I shocked a few people when I answered one of those silly questionnaires which included: How many pregnancies ? (in my case 3) and How many children? (none) Most people know I have no kids but didn’t … More Family

Nanny Piglet

I’ve had a lot of names in my life. From my original Scottish name Ailsa through to my French name Elise … via all sorts of wrangling. The name I cherish most is Nanny Piglet. Why? Well, my nearly grandchildren, offspring of my other half’s first marriage, their next in line, came over to visit. … More Nanny Piglet

Same problem

As many of you enjoyed my first Crone tale I thought I would tell you a personal one. I used to be a veterinary nurse and there are a couple of things in common with that and being a Crone. The decision to end suffering or try to prolong life is one and the impossibility … More Same problem

All change…

Phew! Looks like we are in for a change of life again. No, not that one, stop smirking, way past that stage. I discovered that my invalidity pension will change in August and I’ll go onto my Old Age Pension instead. This means that the supplement paid by my ex-employer’s insurance will cease but I … More All change…

Two Extremes

Phew! I have never in my life been so glad to be back in my village, not even after Slovenia and despite having spent very rare quality time with my family. I can’t start to explain to you what a relief it is to feel I belong, speak the language and, more importantly, practice the … More Two Extremes

“Ghost Writer”

Today I am going to be talking to myself. Nothing unusual in that, except that I shall be inviting Cameron Lawton to chat to me over the breakfast table which isn’t difficult because he “lives” with us. So, Cam, Bro dear, could you put some clothes on and we’ll chat about your literary career? Come … More “Ghost Writer”