Here now …

Huge thanks to everyone who commented on my post “Where Now?”  A quick update on how my break with family in Scotland is going & progress on deliberations.

After 48 hours of travelling I was pretty bushed by the time I met up with Magnificent Muriel at Glasgow airport. Spotting a piper in full kilted kit I shouted “Oh you shouldn’t have!” as it is just the sort of welcome we’d go in for. No, the poor man was posing for photos with tourists and wouldn’t give me a wee tootle on the pipes unless I paid for a picture.Ginkel Heath-004

My travel was the usual hour to the station, three hours to Paris, yomp with full kit from one station to the next and then two and half hours on the Eurostar. I welcomed an afternoon in Camden Market followed by dinner with one of my besties.

Next day was much easier as in “that there London” they have Public Transport! Tube & train ride to the airport and I was up in the air off to my homeland. It is very restful here and the process of getting away from the hassle I was trying to sort out had started.

A very dear friend advised me to consult my spirit guides and see how I can find peace for myself so I did. The answer came back “What would you do face to face with someone who called you a liar and would listen to neither reason nor apology?”  The answer, of course, is to walk away. I would advise him that the only way down from a high horse is by falling, which can be very painful but as he knows so much more than anyone else, I’ll save my breath,

Another comment on the blog was that far too many other people on social media appreciate my presence too much to let one person run me off FB. Fair point but if I do go back I will definitely take myself away from any site where his “I’m not speaking to you” attitude while whispering in other people’s ears won’t reach me, even if it means parting company with my beloved publishers for whom I have always tried to be the biggest cheerleader and joiner-in.

There is more time to think now. I have suspended Ailsa Abraham’s account while leaving the Author Page open. I have another account strictly for trusted friends which I can share if you Tweet me @ailsaabram

No doubt the guilt he feels will cause him to recognise himself yet again even though I keep his name out of it. Don’t bother complaining again, dear, about how hurt and upset YOU are and think for a second how hurt I am at being called a liar and sincere apologies flung back in .my face.

I shall keep writing my blog and am on Twitter. Thanks for all your kind and supportive messages, I really need them at the moment as I am close to cutting again instead of shouting F### You (more good advice from another lovely friend)   Yes, this really had got to me big time because I wasn’t just losing one friend but an acquaintance and several very dear pals. xxxxxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Here now …

  1. Oh, Dear One, we need to do a blood transfusion so you can get some of my Mummy’s “Better people than that don’t like me” attitude. That said, enjoy your time away. I know how to reach you and you are in my heart everyday. Your Silky will always be here.

  2. I’m very glad to see this blog post! You’re much missed on FB, though I understand completely your reasons for walking away. Thank you for keeping us updated. I very rarely Tweet – mainly when a book comes out, to please my publishers – but if you email me your other account, I’d be grateful. If not, I understand that too. xxx

  3. Good to hear you got there safely. I have missed you enormously.
    I was intending to email today but I’ve been fending off the black dog and everything is done wading through treacle.

  4. A veritable epidemic of black dogs, I see. Mine is making himself very comfortable with me, and is becoming a pet. Not sure this is how its supposed to work though!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties, Ailsa. We can’t please everyone can we. As long as you have so many other supportive friends and family members, you can just overlook those who cause trouble and hope for the best. Rest and relax until you’re feeling better. I wish all the best for you infuture. 🙂

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