A three-point blog today, hence Trident.

One – I am struggling to stay on social media despite a severe motorcycle accident last month that nearly killed me and left me with even more brain damage. I’m doing it to hang onto normality. I want to chat to my lovely friends who have been so kind and generous. It is therapy and friendliness.

Two – I am not an expert in much. I couldn’t answer “Mastermind” questions on my own life (especially as my memory is now unreliable for recent events) BUT I know a bit on a couple of subjects. One of them is animals because I worked as a vet nurse. So being told I live in Lala land and talk crap on THAT subject does not help my recovery – thank you Scott Butcher

Game of ball?

Three – animals behave the way they have been trained. I am not going to repeat this here because many of my friends will not want to read it but here is a pretty fair idea How Fighting Dogs are trained (Scott Butcher you might like to reflect on how a human would grow up if treated like that from a couple of months old!) I have had to treat the “losers” from this…it isn’t pretty but these ARE NOT pets.

There have been “devil dogs” with bad reputations all my life. During WW2 the Nazis trained several breeds to attack and even rape humans. When I was a kid we were wary of Alsatians (German Shepherds), Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers.. Nowadays their reputation is better and many people have them as domestic pets. Some of the worst biters are spoilt smallies like chihuahuas and Jack Russell.

Sod off!

Take this further – on your argument, Mr. Butcher, a dog (or even a human) is BORN BAD. Wow – that means that if I take a survey of all gangland kids in large cities I can infer that they are like that because of what? Their colour? Their nationality ….. or the fact that they have grown up in deprived, underprivileged conditions and learned that being “bad” is the way to get what they want.

Your point that pitbulls being banned in Australia resulted in fewer kids being attacked only tells me one thing – parents should be educated. I have dogs. I am sick of having to inform people that a toddler running at a dog with its arms out and a squeaky voice is not welcome. Ask the owner, approach the owner first because they are the pack leader (oh yes, we are still pack animals but MY pack is under control)… if the owner is OK with it, the owner will take the child’s hand and stroke the animal, thus mixing scents. Stop the child poking the dog in the eye, pulling its ear or causing it pain. Keep contact short and then say goodbye. You are training the child and parents, not the dog who has behaved well. Slip him a biscuit and say “Well done”….

If being called “potty-mouth” names is all I am going to get for trying to get my brain to function normally and keep in touch, I will stop. You have no idea how hard it is for me to communicate on social media at the moment. So this may be my final communiqué for a while.


affronted Titch
Is this a devil dog? Never was with me! Bet you can’t guess the breed!


8 thoughts on “Trident

  1. It’s amazing to see you keep meeting so many “experts” on all kinds of things, Ailsa. Let’s hope they go share their pearls of wisdom elsewhere… 🙂

  2. When people like this behave as they do and say what they do, it’s usually down to jealousy and insecurity. How dare this man say what he said, whether you’re recovering or not! As Lily Allen sings, ‘What the f**k do you know.’ Take care. 😀

  3. Keep blogging and maybe do a bit less on facebook. Or have you tried twitter or google circles instead? We’ll follow you wherever you go. I don’t do facebook much, myself because their corporate ethics disgust me, as in: crush videos ok, yeh because that’s normal (not) picture of a war veteran with his prosthetic legs off ‘tastless’.

    You may well be feeling extra vulnerable after what you’ve been through. Try to ignore the buggers. For what it’s worth I think your points 2 and 3 are bang on.

    Take care and god(s) bless.


    1. Bless you – I’m on Twitter and will blog – I’m just taking a break from FB until they clear out some of the sawdust…. most of my friends have been having problems too xxxx
      Gods bless too xxxx

  4. I’d rather we didn’t brand this guy a troll – he is a not too bright bloke who believes everything he reads on Wiki … then disputes it with people who have worked in the field. I’d prefer to call him “misguided” rather than a troll. Thanks xxxx

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