Ye wot?

I was delighted to get a note from La Poste explaining to us that our new parcel delivery lady is profoundly deaf … so could we make efforts to speak slowly and clearly, looking at her? She can lip read so there is no reason to go into Marcel Marceau mode… GOOD! Hoorah!

Communications in this house have always been complex as my Badger is an engineer and mathematician but I’m an empath and artistic type – he has to KNOW but I have to FEEL.

Since my own hearing has been going downhill and my reasoning facilities are damaged this has led to the kind of exchanges we had this morning. Me mumbling to myself about something

Badger – What have you lost?

Me  – I don’t know.

Badger – How can you find it if you don’t know?

Me – I can see it. Don’t know the name.

It’s so much easier on the computer!!!


I get on fabulously with deaf people because they don’t want complicated explanations and if you want to make mime shows – my mother, her sister, her sister’s baby .. we scream COUSIN at each other and fall over laughing! Then I explain a dog bit my cousin – get on floor growling and “worry” her trouser leg … horror! Oh dear. Is he OK? No he is policeman and very embarrassed – hilarity.  In some languages I can do lip reading but even when we don’t, I am a mime and can act out a funny story … most deaf people are tickled pink that someone would go to that trouble (either that or they are trying to get rid of this dolt!)

Whatever – another friend hoves onto the horizon and I’m off to see the specialist shortly… wish me luck (that is thumbs up and point, in case you didn’t know!) deaf 2



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