Forthcoming features…

It’s that time of year again. We look back over the past twelve months and make a few wisholutions (my invented word that carries less guilt-factor than resolutions) about the next 12. I skip back through this blog and know that I made some mistakes. That’s no surprise, I’m an expert. I have a PhD … More Forthcoming features…

Be blogged 101

ALL BLOGGERS – FEEL FREE TO SHARE, COPY, EXTRACT AND USE THIS I should probably have written this some time ago because, while there is a load of info out there on “How to Blog” I can’t find very much on “Being Blogged”. By that I mean giving an interview. This is insane. There are … More Be blogged 101

Written Acts of Kindness Award for the best Ape in the World

I was flattered to bits to be given this award by my great pal, Seumas Gallacher so I am passing it on to the most selfless author-aider I know. Chris (The Story Reading Ape) Graham. Through his blog, plus sharing interviews all over the internet, The Ape has given enormous publicity and encouragement to budding … More Written Acts of Kindness Award for the best Ape in the World

Mum gone mentul!

Hello Mum’s friends, Lily here. You know, for small terrier, I am pretty Oh Fay with modern technology. I understand Kom-poo-tur and can even use it sometimes although I have problems with The Space Bar cos I have to use my nose. Well, I am writing this because Mum has gone mentul… again! Not in … More Mum gone mentul!

Why I came out

Something wonderful just happened to me. It balances out some of the less pleasant stuff that has been going around recently. A friend sent me a message to thank me for writing about depression etc. She has a family member who also suffers and who reacted marvelously to just being hugged and not judged or … More Why I came out


A three-point blog today, hence Trident. One – I am struggling to stay on social media despite a severe motorcycle accident last month that nearly killed me and left me with even more brain damage. I’m doing it to hang onto normality. I want to chat to my lovely friends who have been so kind … More Trident