Mumz day

Hello Mumz frenz!

Is special day today for all critters to be nice to ther mum. That not hard, we nice to our Mum every day! (that is an explanation mark wot means I is laffing)

Problem is we been wotching telly and it say that mumz has to be gived cards n flowers or chocolate like wot I not allowed cos it bad for me: this is problem cos it means going shop: I not sposed to go into shop cos I not a Sistance Dog. Also it need pennies!

It not hard to find pennies on ground when out walking but is difficult to carry them and bluddi cats no help at all!  They drop them on floor, bat them around then loose interest …. wot mean I got to go pick the pennies up again and carry in gob wot leave nasty taste there.

Mum not like flowers in kennel. She love them outside and say hello to the flower fayreez inside them. But she say is crooel to cut heads off an I not like it done to me. That true enuff.

I got Dad to take me to shop in carcar so he carry me to card place and apparenli I am “Bluddi great heavy bitch” wot is funni cos that wot he normally call Mum!

Cats wer very pleezed wiff ther card cos it looks like Bastet wot is ther Big Mother in Sky but I was miffed cos my card was in hoomung obviously and Frentch so there no word for woof. Cos it very difficult ritin wiff pen and paws I got Dad to help me an cats dint even TRY!

I no he rited good stuff cos Mum looked at them n went all sniffy snout. She kissed us all an made howling noise for a bit.

She not havin chocolate either cos she keep me company but she not eat dog food, not reelie, she pretend to.  So we had happi mudder day and hope you n yore pups did too

Lik on snout from Lily-dog xxxxxxx

(Nurse Lily taking care of Mum)

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