Now orchestrated!

In junior school I was drawn to the percussion section of the school orchestra. Of course I was, banging, hitting, generally making a racket was something at which I was rather good. So I spent a few years messing around with triangles, cymbals, tambourines etc. although they wouldn’t let me loose on drums because I was considered somewhat “undisciplined”.

Since the age of 15 I have transferred to the “concussion” section in the pit. I began by fracturing my skull and have been working on it ever since. Following the last crash when I wrote off my ex La-Poste van “Custard” I have had all the signs of head injury for two months.

Losing friends on social media and not advertising my books has depressed me greatly so I am going to have to try staying awake and get back into the socialising,

Forgive me, friends, colleagues and publishers. I’m trying to come back xxxxxxxxxxx

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