Through an ass……

Yes, misquote – “through a glass, darkly”. That’s how my version of “The Sight” works. It’s a common


Scottish phrase for being able to see the future. I have it. Of course I do, I’m generations down on hereditary Scottish witches. Unfortunately my Sight is impaired.

What do I mean? Well let’s take a couple of examples – the other day I found a dead blackbird at my feet in the back garden. Of course I picked it up, examined it, said the ritual words and cremated it. Then I went off to think what all this meant. Birds always mean something!

A robin looking at you is always someone on the other side wishing you well – it’s nice and comforting. Blackbirds are known as Druid Dhu “Black Druid” in the celtic languages – they always refer to psychic, spiritual messages. Knowing that my other half has advanced cancer I thought it was a message about my psychic path after his departure.

Of course I had forgotten the old wisdom- any ending is also a beginning!!!! Duuuuuuuh! It could just as easily  have been any part of my life after his departure. Or something coming to an end on its own. Or my own ending……….. I had to meditate and wait.

The next day I was sought out by a raven who, as you may know, is very significant to me.

Lady Raven was my ritual name when I was a High Priestess, before I hit Crone. This chap called in other corvids to underline what he was and that he doesn’t normally live around here. So I had a definite message from the raven too.

I was working on a misapprehension. I didn’t realise that these two were talking about my life NOW. I soon found out that yes, an ending is always a beginning and a beginning can mean going back to what one was doing before.

What did I do when I was Lady Raven, apart from coven-work? Oh yes, we can go back to that and now am forced to.

I feel I am gifted with The Sight but need bifoculs to interpret the damn readings!!!!

4 thoughts on “Through an ass……

  1. Ain’t over ’til it’s over and you’re not out of options by a long chalk.
    If need be you can occupy yourself with something you’ve already done, successfully or not. If not then this time through get it right.
    If what you say of these bird signs reads correct, there is a way ahead.
    Rather rosy really…..x

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