“As flies to wanton boys….

…are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport.” (Shakespeare → King Lear → Act 4, Scene 1, Page 2) There are many different names for the places where people believe their gods to live: Valhalla, Paradise, Heaven etc. It is little-known that the deities of all religions, of all ages, dwell happily together in a vast … More “As flies to wanton boys….

Every ending …..

… is also a beginning.    I’ve lived by this all my life, it’s part of the pagan creed and just common sense. When something stops, something else starts because Nature abhors a vacuum. This has all come home to me in many ways recently. Facing up to Badger’s death has been a surprisingly positive … More Every ending …..

Through an ass……

Yes, misquote – “through a glass, darkly”. That’s how my version of “The Sight” works. It’s a common Scottish phrase for being able to see the future. I have it. Of course I do, I’m generations down on hereditary Scottish witches. Unfortunately my Sight is impaired. What do I mean? Well let’s take a couple … More Through an ass……

Beltain is coming

Beltain is coming Nanny Ab is getting fat. She’s rummaging ’round frantically, She’s lost her pointy hat. The candlesticks are polished, Got her Grimoire, Horned Lord Ring But where’s that feckin’ hat gone? She can’t find the blessed thing! Well if pushin’ comes to shovin’ She could wear her Priestess gown Cos the pointy hat … More Beltain is coming

Y is for Yesterdays

Clichés are usually only clichés because they are true and today’s is “All my yesterdays have made my today”. This is especially true in witching. Every experience, no matter how painful or traumatic, is a lesson. It is only if we fail to learn the lesson that the experience is wasted. That’s easy to say, … More Y is for Yesterdays