Shopping? Vale!

As some of you may know I used to be a language teacher and learning them is my hobby. I love being in a place where I’m not fluent because everything becomes more interesting.

Just going to the supermarket this morning was a real treat. Picking things up and peering at the words to see if I could translate them, remembering to speak Catalan and not French to people and the most important word VALE (pronounced Baah lay) which means OK or “right” and is the answer to everything.

Just finding stuff which doesn’t exist at home gets me jumping up and down squeaking, pointing and being a very excitable otter. 

Mind you, I do that in Britain these days, as my friends will tell you. They suffer me screaming out in Tesco’s “Look! They have Marmite!”

We managed to find everything we needed and some treats like Turron, the nearest thing to Scottish Tablet south of Carlisle! Although I don’t smoke cigarettes at home often, they are so cheap here I have switched back, partly for the old-fashioned pleasure of inserting my money and getting them out of a machine, turning to the assembled mass behind me and announcing “Oooo I won a packet!”  Leave ’em laughing, I say!

Everything can be fun if one just looks at it the right way. Here, borrow my glasses!


5 thoughts on “Shopping? Vale!

  1. Hahahahaaa!
    I know where there are machines that dispense full cartons. Up along the N340 going into La Junquera. The attached supermarket had tortillas that can be nuked at home, but keep the ketchup handy.
    As for messing about in supermarkets in general, normally I dive in picking out stuff I already know. It’s really a surprise how much gear I am acquainted with. As for making sense of the labelling, pff. Ingredients, how to make the thing happen. At least I get this written up in French and Dutch, gives me two shots of making some sense.

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