K. Caffee (with an “A” and a full-stop)

I met our guest today through her comments on the blog and was so pleased she wanted to come and talk about herself and her work. Welcome, Katheryn Caffee

First off , what would you like to drink?

Do you have any Diet Dr. Pepper? If not, I brought my own water, so I wouldn’t drain your well. I’m a bit of a fish that way.

We can magic up anything in this kitchen. I have all kinds of home made cake, jam, bikkies, veggie treats – choice?

Eyes the sweets, and licks my lips. Fresh veggies? I love sweets, but I think they love me a little too much in return.

Let’s start with your books – do you write under just one name or several?

Just my own – K. Caffee (though Amazon seems to insist on K Caffee – no period.)

How many genres do you cover?Untitled

Right now, I write fantasy. However, I may wind up playing around with some historical fiction eventually. Depends on which story is “shouting” at me the loudest when I sit down to start writing the next series.

Yes, mine got classed as “fantasy” but I prefer “magical realism”. How much have you had published including anthologies etc.?

Two poems when I was still in school – one back in third grade, one in the high school literary magazine. And, the first two novels of my series Followers of Torments with the third due out later this spring.

How long have you been writing professionally? I imagine that, like all of us, you wrote all your life before “turning pro”.

Laughs: Since August of 2014, and I actually had NO plans on becoming a writer at all. This adventure started because the back-story I’d written for a character decided after almost eight years it was going to be told to the world, not just my small role-play group. Up until the story ambushed me, I seriously thought I was going to be one of those people who worked some nine-to-five and just devoured books by the dozen. I never expected to be someone who scrambled to stay ahead of the voracious reader’s appetites.

I know! Comes as a shock, doesn’t it. Excuse me? Did I say I wanted to actually WORK at this stuff? What was your first published work? Short story, magazine article, poem?

It was a poem I submitted to the local paper’s poetry contest. I won first runner up with it.

Great start. What are your ambitions / hopes for your writing career?

Wry grin: That’s a tough one. Now that the writing bug has bitten, I hope it never goes away. I’ve always enjoyed spinning tales, and have been able to captivate my audiences with them. Now that I’m actually putting words to paper, so to speak, I’m hoping that I can captivate others who I’m not talking to directly with my tales as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be a huge success like J. K. Rowling, or even a household name like Robert Jordan. But, I do realize there is an element of luck that supplements a very hefty mountain of hard work, determination, and flat out perseverance in the face of silence. I’m still at the stage where even one up-tick in my sales, or one review sends me soaring for several days. And, one critique that points out issues with either the covers or the body of the stories twangs a nerve hard enough to make me go sulk and pick at the issue while I figure out just how much I’m going to take the words to heart.

2Aren’t we all? Now on to you, the author. Where do you live and with whom? Describe a perfect day at home for me.

I’m a student right now, so I’m still pinching pennies. I have taken over the spare room from my parents, and for the most part am buried under either school work or story. Once in a while, I’ll come up for air and to take a look around. But, I also dive back in without letup. I keep reminding myself that it’s only X more years, and I’ll be out in the work force. School has to come first. That’s not always easy to remember when the story has decided to start babbling away like a meadow lark.

Right now, being an overloaded graduate student is my job, though I’d like to add a part-time paid gig to the schedule I keep. This can be from the books breaking out suddenly, winning the lotto, or actually going back to work in Corporate America. There are a few things I’d like to do for the books, which right now I’m having to convince the conversion rate between time and money to play nice. (And, I’m losing the battle most days.)

Right! If I didn’t have a disability pension I wouldn’t be a writer either. Outside of writing and any other work, what is your main passion (greatest pleasures?)

Helping others. It is actually a pretty even debate which I like doing more – spinning tales, or helping others to achieve their highest potential and discovering the new opportunities that entails. When I’m not extending the helping hand, I’m reading, reading, trying to convince my cats I am not their abject servant, or blogging reviews about what I’ve read.

Put it there, sister! I’m the same. Tell me two or three interesting facts about you that I haven’t asked.

When I’m writing, especially when the story is “talking” the best, I’m not present. I mean, I’m not in the “zone” or fully engaged – I mean literally the light’s on, and nobody is home. There have been times I’ve finished a writing session, and stared in disbelief at the progress that I’ve made. When I go back and read it after it’s done, I find it is some of the tightest, most complex parts of the story that require the least amount of revisions. It’s exhilarating, yet frightening. And, it definitely is fun – there are times the story will let me take over in the middle of a writing binge, and then sit back to laugh as I promptly get bucked, trampled, and dumped into a thorny problem that can take days to work back out of.

Though in my first series I write about the character I created, I discovered that I was writing about something else as well while I was researching information to let me wrap my head around some of the character’s reactions. I have no idea where I’d run across the information prior to the spot research for these books, but I have been writing about the issues feral children and the mentally ill face on a regular basis. The facts are hidden, and slightly distorted to fit within my own world, but present none the less. That is part of why I am driven now to finish at least this series quickly. I want to know how it works out, and how the cast I’ve got reaches the end I know is coming. :Grins: Besides, it’s fun to see others reactions while they are devouring my own offerings for their reading pleasure.

Even though you’ve let me ramble on quite a bit, I’m actually the one who usually lurks in the corner, listens to what is going on around me, and waits to join in until after someone has asked for help. I prefer to stay in the shadows, and push someone else to excel than be the one in the limelight. However… stand me up in front of a crowd, toss me a prompt, and tell me to give them a tale, and all bets are off. My wild imagination will usually take off at that point. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone else who could brag about captivating an adult audience at age five for over three hours on a church trip well enough they missed two pit stops and scared the daylights out of their parents because they “vanished” after the bus started out. I think I prefer the shadows.

Common amongst us fantasy folk, we lurk. Finally and most importantly – Bio and links please.

K. Caffee currently enjoys the hectic life of a full time student, part time author, and servant to a pair of feline friends. When she is not picking up after her furry friends or stuffing her brain with information for school, she can be found writing, reading, blogging, or chatting on twitter or Facebook.

Smashwords Author profile – https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/KCaffee4

Amazon Author profile (US only) – http://www.amazon.com/K.-Caffee/e/B00TMQEJPU

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PukahWorks

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/KCaffee

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PukahWorks

Blog – https://pukahworks.wordpress.com/

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