My turn!

As you have all noticed, this  blog offers interviews with authors to display their wares and get some free publicity. I am very happy to do this but today…. see title!

This has been a fantastic week for my career. Following an author interview I did with The English Informer, a magazine published both for the French and English markets, I was asked to do a regular spot. What did I say? I nearly bit Susan Allen’s hand off!  Here is how she announced my arrival as part of the team:

Letters From Ailsa
Some readers of both of the English Informer magazine websites, have spotted that a new section has arrived on the front page.It can be found among the ‘Articles and Stories’ dropdown menu. By the way, if you haven’t fully explored the sites yet, then perhaps it will be worth your while.New articles, stories and advertisers are added to both sites on a daily basis. Although some can be seen on the two sites, many are only pertinent to the nation they represent.What is ‘Letters From Ailsa’ going to contain?  Well, basically as it says. “It does what it says on the tin,” says our writer.A pick-n-mix collection of things plus photos based around her village, wherever she is travelling, people she knows, and a variety of characters…...”click HERE to read the rest. (Of your kindness please also click on the links to the two sites and “like” them for being nice to your pal Otter. Thank you very much.)
The next “jump for joy” moment was receiving another five-star review for “Alchemy”. No, I probably don’t push my books nearly enough but I don’t want to descend into the “outshouting everyone else in the souk” method. This is why, when genuine purchasers bother to leave their thoughts, especially such glowing ones, I am knocked sideways. With no apology for showing off – here is the review:


“Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase
I read Shaman’s Drum first without realizing there was a prequel, Alchemy. So, I was most anxious to read Alchemy because I couldn’t put down Shaman’s Drum. And I was not Alchemydisappointed. From start to finish, the author pulled all the strings together to make the story fascinating. Each character held their own and took their separate places as the events drew to a climax and bam! The world practically stopped! I highly recommend this book AND following it with Shaman’s Drum. However, I was secretly glad I read it first because I had an inside view of what comes after. Maybe I shall just have to read it all over again. It was worth a second read.”


How does the photo at the top of this post relate to the English Informer and what animal is mentioned? I’ll pick a random correct answer for a prize!


10 thoughts on “My turn!

  1. Picture is relevant because of the French connection portrait of an English / French you, who not only lives in France but converses, eats and breathes France too.It was done by a street artist in Alsace of you and Lili,… hamsters are mentioned as in Hanster cheeks.
    And a huge congrats to you, lovely Otter. You deserve it. X

  2. Excellent new Ailsa! and great to see the 5 star review. I should get to read it very soon… And yes, international correspondent as Sally says… The world is truly your oyster! And otter’s!

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