A first!

Happy, not at all smug!
Happy, not at all smug!

Today, I have done something exciting.  It’s this …

An extract from Shaman’s Drum

Being an ex- technophobe I had shied away from this for months but as everyone else was doing readings and there was no way I was having my own face on it  (nor my messy Bingergread Cottage in the background) I decided to put pictures over the reading which was kindly done for me by the Old Feller which is why Iamo has suddenly developed a very strong Bristolian accent. No matter.

It took me ages, I left it three times, drank a litre and a half of strong black coffee, smoked half a packet of Gauloises and turned the air blue…but we got there in the end and I didn’t get anyone to help me, Daddy, look I did it all by my little self!  The results may not be nearly as professional as the glorious one that Laurence at Crooked Cat put together but it’s mine and I love it.

I’d like to thank both Pam Kelt who appeared on this blog here

Also to David Robinson who is unfailingly helpful to wimps like me who can’t work out how to share their work, never mind create it.

Don’t forget that there is still time to vote for Shaman’s Drum in the People’s Book Choice as the first round of voting closes at the end of August.

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