Less than a coffee but lasts longer

  NEWS Shaman’s Drum is now reduced for a short while. The ebook costs less than a cup of coffee and it is far more satisfying.    This book was written first because I “saw” the opening scenes in my head like a film-trailer. I was hooked and had to write the rest of the … More Less than a coffee but lasts longer

Hot cakes…or books

Debate still continues amongst authors on the advisability of discounting books. Those against say that even though e-books are normally quite cheap, really stingy readers will wait til they are on sale at some ludicrous price therefore having a negative effect on full-sale (still not dear) prices. Those who don’t mind, generally those who would … More Hot cakes…or books

Christmas mugging!

In the festive mood, I’m going to offer a present to a randomly picked reader who comments on this post. You can have my ugly mug for Christmas. Or you could go for a tasteful heart. Just post which one you would prefer and why …. the more insulting the better. I’m thick-skinned. Just comment … More Christmas mugging!

Thanks folks!

A post of two halves. Firstly I want to thank everyone who bought a copy of Shaman’s Drum during the Crooked Cat sale. Bless you all, you sent it shooting up the ratings which is a new experience to me (not that I understand these algowossits) So the flower at the top is a present. … More Thanks folks!

Last chance

Last chance.   This is the last time I will be bothering you all with a request for voting – it ends today and unless I get through to the second round, I’ll shut up. If I do get through, we will do it all again. Won’t that be fun? Please do watch my funny … More Last chance

Votes for Shaman’s

Vote. This is so addictive I am really getting to love doing them – the sillier the better but the message is serious. I need everyone to vote before the end of August to get Shaman’s Drum through to the second round. Please help.