The Sight

Are you a transmitter or a receiver?

This question arises from a discussion I was having with a friend  today and I wondered how many other people experience this and think they are going crazy. Well let me reassure you, we are legion!

Do you ever pick up on what people are feeling? Ever get a sudden urge to call a friend out of the blue and find that they really “needed” that call? Or that your brother who lives in another country is in trouble and when you email him you find he is in the middle of a divorce/hurricane/mortgage foreclosure?

How about with complete strangers? Ever stood in the queue in the grocery store and just KNOWN what the person in front of you was feeling. Not by their body language or their expression (they have their back to you, remember?) but just picked it up like a radio signal?

Well don’t sweat it! In the Scottish tradition we call it “having the Sight” but I feel that is a misnomer.  I would equate it more to having emotional radar.  When it is not controlled, it can feel like you have super-sensitive hearing and are in a crowded, noisy bar.  You just want to yell “leave me in peace!”

Yes, of course I get it, that’s why I can ask these questions. Firstly, the good news is that you CAN control it and secondly, it can be really useful. If you want to help people then this instinct is a good one when you learn to trust it.

Yeah, right, so I’m a witch and Shaman and I can say this kind of stuff and get away with it. But believe me, once you start trusting that “feeling”, when you are sincere, you can turn around to a total stranger and say, “Listen, stop worrying about your sister, she is going to be just fine,” and (wonder of wonders) they don’t slap you or run away screaming, they thank you.

People give out what is most on their mind so if you can reassure them, you are doing them a great service. I have no idea why they believe me but they do. Maybe there is something in my eyes when “I am using the Sight” that gives people confidence. When I leaned over the counter and touched the cashier’s arm at the DIY store and said “Ouch, that is really sore. You really ought to go to the doctor you know?” and she gave me a huge smile and replied that she had been wondering if it wasn’t wasting his time but yes, she would now and thank you. I didn’t know! I just “felt it”.

Sometimes we feel a sense of disaster approaching and we can do nothing about it. That was very true with 9/11. Many “receivers” were getting distress calls but they had no idea what it was about. I had visions and nightmares of birds falling out of the sky covered in blood for days before, but it wasn’t until I saw the images on the TV that it clicked. Could I have stopped it? No, of course not. That is when this gift is a curse.

How to control it? Well wind your volume control down first. If you are going out in a crowded place and feel super-sensitive, shut down your third eye.  This is a spot between your eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose and it is the center of you psychic seeing.  Concentrate on an image of closing – shutting a door, closing a window, pulling down a blind and then place the tip of the middle finger of your right hand on that spot. Concentrate on closing. Go on, try it – can’t hurt!

To open it again – reverse the process. Put your finger tip on your third eye, concentrate on opening and then pull your finger away very quickly and suddenly as if releasing a button. Hey presto, you can “see” again.

OK, now you can start calling me crazy, delusional and dangerous. I don’t mind. I’ve been called those things before. But maybe, some people will read this and think that they are not mad, other people do feel like this. To them – hey, no bother! If you want to ask me any question, feel free; I’m here to share.

No witchcraft used in the production of this material!
No witchcraft used in the production of this material!

5 thoughts on “The Sight

  1. For two months prior to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan two years ago every night I had epic nightmares of horrific flooding. Walls of water hundreds of feet tall. It became so bad that I dreaded sleep. Without fail the dreams came. The vivid deaths of all I loved. The crushing obliteration of each dreamscape my mind wandered.

    The urgency building night by night. Me exhausted trying not to close my eyes but then one night it stopped. I woke in cold sweat and turned on the television. And watched real time the waves and the brokenness.

    In those times I wonder why my Dream visions come.

    1. I completely understand. I’ll be covering this in a future post but when “impending disaster” messages come through it is heart-breaking because, as you say, you cannot interpret it until the event happens and then you feel so helpless. But, on a practical level, what could we have done?

      The Why and source, I will be covering in the future as questions, not answers!

  2. I get that all the time. I can tell exactly what a stranger is feeling from a glance. I always put it down to having lots of empathy… It’s much more than just body language,
    I’ve also had experiences of walking past a disabled person and seeing them without the physical disability.
    It runs in my family, as my father had many premonitions of disasters, and I am in every way my father’s daughter!
    Fascinating post Ailsa.

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