I re-read my post “Journeying” and started to laugh myself silly. I am constantly amazed by my ability to ignore my own advice and teachings I have known for years. One of the biggest “fossilized faults” in my practice is flinging questions out into the Universe like an automatic tennis ball launcher and failing to notice … More ASK, LOOK and LISTEN

Unblocking Spell

Just like any other mental condition, there is a lot written about Writer’s Block and much of it is total tosh….because, like other mental conditions, the causes vary from writer to writer. Mine is due to head trauma so telling me to just get on with it is like asking a Parkinson’s disease sufferer to enter … More Unblocking Spell


I suppose it is slightly ironical that when I post about my shaman search for answers to my own questions, it always prompts others to ask me about the process. I used to teach “the Craft” which is an overall and over-used term for anything a bit WooWoo. I don’t now but I am very … More Questions…


Any of you who have read my Alchemy series will be familiar with this process. It is a Shaman’s way of travelling to one of the three worlds to talk with their guides. I need to do this at the moment and have no idea how long it will take although each particular journey only … More Journeying

I love The Doctor!

No, not that one. My guest today is Mike Williams PhD (doctor of philosophy – geddit?) who is a dear friend and valued teacher. He showed me the shaman’s path through his writing which is how we got to know each other and I can honestly say that he changed my spiritual life. Hail, Druid! … More I love The Doctor!


Twitter seems to be becoming a very fertile source for my blog these days. Such as…. Sally Cronin @sgc58 · 19h Grande Finale  via @ailsaabraham keep up everyone with this dynamo if you can! I’m deeply flattered by this and the fact that Sally has asked me to appear on her blog Smorgasbord   I’m not a … More Dynamo?

I talk to …

Unlike poor Clint, I talk to everything and I get answers and listeners. This morning was a great example.  I love coming down here because the flora is different. We are surrounded by oleander, olive groves and almond trees. I don’t know if you have ever seen a “last year’s almond” but they are small … More I talk to …

Whoooo knows?

Inspiration for today’s thoughts comes from Cottage Life Magazine to whom I am very grateful.   It was shared on FB by my friends Nancy Jardine and Di Horsfield   Apart from going Awwwwwwwwwww very loudly, on further examination it made me think “I wonder if, in an alternative universe, the big owl covering them … More Whoooo knows?

It works

Anyone who has been reading my blog regularly (yes both of you) will know that I wrote about going past horses who didn’t have any water. Well it happened again. At the end of our lane are some bull calves and i have made friends with them (Angus, Sooty and Panda) and the other day … More It works