The Return of the Jurassic


Coming back for what is becoming his annual visit, is Seumas Gallacher. In case you missed last year’s chat you can read it here

I hope you found the magic warmth cloak I put on the carpet or you’d have frozen to death. Welcome, Seumas. Lovely to have you back. Get you into the kitchen and keep cozy. No, Cameron isn’t here, so don’t jump like that when the door opens.

Now keep us up to date on your books – how many now? How are they doing?

Well, like that Ol’ Man River, they just keep rollin’ along – five Jack Calder Crime thrillers already on Auntie Amazon, and the sixth, NO IMPUNITY, is a WURK-in-Progress, albeit in-Progress at its own good speed… I continually say I’m happy to see even one single sale from time to time for any of my wee literary babies, but recently, a really neat new avenue has opened up for the books – KINDLE UNLIMITED… I was a tad leery about the thought of downloads getting paid a mere fraction of a penny or cent per page, but of late, the volume across all the titles on there has developed nicely – think about it, 300 pages or so equals one book, and the royalties kick in accordingly, even after just 1 page! a lot of little makes a lot…and I’ve no idea what has triggered the interest from that source, as the titles have all been available on there for some months… but whatever’s causing it, no complaints from me!

How did you come up with the idea for this series?

When I was in the Philippines during a project some years ago, as a corporate trouble shooter doing a turnaround for a shipping company, I fired 600 trade union workers on the dockside, as well as policemen and locally elected officials in some of the ports we served…many of them were filling their pockets rather than looking after the company’s interests on their respective patches… it didn’t take long for me to be removed from their Christmas card list… and news came in that I was a ‘marked man’… the upshot was the engagement of a group of armed bodyguards and an armoured car for three years during the clean up… the men who protected me were trained by a former SAS (British Special Forces) officer… there’s the genesis for Jack Calder and his specialized security firm…

Did you always mean it to be a series or are you like me and your creations run away with you?

It truly began as a proposed one-off, just to prove to myself that I could actually write a full-length novel… then as you rightly say, the thing just took over, with a life all of its own, and voila, here comes book number 6… I try assiduously to ensure that each book can stand alone, and still constitute part of a recognizable series…

Do you ever manage to get to book signings? Are there enough English-language readers near you to do that? Or do you make special guest appearances in places?

There are many opportunities for events such as book signings here in the Middle East, and it’s not only European readers, but the entire gamut, Indian, Asian, Arabic, and Westerners… on top of formal book signings there are Arts and Crafts Fairs galore, where local writers, of which I’m now considered one, are invited to offer their masterpieces and sign, of course… wonderful selfie events! I also get invited to talk as an author at local universities and colleges, which is a real blast… younger lively minds, with terrific, insightful questions…

What is your best advertising?

I work hard on the web and via my blog, as you probably know, at ‘building the platform’ of relationships associated with the industry… readers, other writers, editors, magazine article producers, and just as importantly, maintaining these relationships… they are all part of my ‘business of writing’…

Any questions for me?

Tons, but let me restrict it to a few:

  1. What are you currently writing now? Books 3&4 in Shaman series and a new series which is coming out in March 2017
  2. How do you balance your time between so-called ‘everyday living’ and the writing process? I don’t (hysterical woodpecker laugh) I’m always writing if only in my head. I don’t work so can write any time I like.
  3. Have you made a pact with your insurance company not to exceed 150kph on your bike? No, they have made me promise never to change my 125 for a bigger one.
  4. Where’s your favourite place in the whole world? Honestly? I don’t mind, it’s the company, not the place, although Carnac in Brittany is one of them

Thanks for letting me back into the Bingergread House, m’Lady… mwaaah…You know the road, as we say in Scotland the door is always open. Haste ye back, mwaaaaah

8 thoughts on “The Return of the Jurassic

  1. Reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:
    m’Lady, Ailsa Abraham kindle invited me over other Bingergread House… despite that totally misunderstood incident the last time with the sausages… a note from my trick-cyclist smoothed THAT one over quite nicely…

  2. Lovely interview, and I’ve learned even more about/from Seumas. Over the past several years, I’ve ‘followed’ this masterful storyteller and social media ‘advocate’ via our blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. His expertise at promoting and marketing not only his own books, but others, has always impressed and delighted me. And I try to learn from Seumas’ techniques. By the way, his books are full of good writing and exciting twists and turns. I recommend them.

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