Sally Quilford

I don’t have a guest today but a message in a bottle has just been thrown at me by a passing carrier pigeon.

Ah it’s from Sally Quilford who is really busy launching her new book. No wonder she didn’t have time to come by, even by magic carpet.

So this is her 25th or thereabouts book called The Secret of Lakeham Abbey.Lakeham Abbey

Oh that’s interesting it’s set in wartime England and concerns an Abbey with a past, that sounds fascinating already. Let’s see what she has written about it.


When Percy Sullivan’s family take over Lakeham Abbey for the summer, it was a chance to get away from battered post-war London and be cossetted by the capable and pretty housekeeper, Anne Pargeter.

They soon learn that the Abbey conceals a dark secret; one that someone was willing to kill to hide. When Anne is convicted of murder and sentenced to execution, Percy is determined to do all he can to save his friend from the gallows.

He encourages everyone to tell their side of the story. This leads to some startling revelations, including a shocking secret that Percy’s mother tried to hide from him.

Will it be enough to save Anne’s life?

Sally is one of my fellow Crooked Cats but I don’t know what she got up to before that (trouble with being in different countries!) Let’s read on and see what she has to say about herself, where she lives and other “interesting facts)

Sally Quilford left school in 1979 with no qualifications, after a peripatetic childhood which resulted in her going to many different schools, or a lot of the time not going to school at all. Despite that, she still managed to be able to read and write very well, and always loved English. At the age of 30, whilst sitting the bath (where all her best ideas happen) Sally had an epiphany and returned to education, eventually earning 5 GCSEs and a 2.1 Hons degree in Humanities and Literature from the Open University. At the same time, she finally started to write, after years of thinking she ‘might try it’, starting with poetry and fanfiction. Her first efforts are lost to time and the vagaries of computer formatting. In 2007, Sally decided it was time to start taking things more seriously and was determined to earn money from her writing. That year she earned £10 for a letter in a woman’s magazine. However, it focussed her mind on improving her craft. Since then she has had well over 60 short stories published in magazines in Britain and abroad, countless articles, and over 20 pocket novels, published by either DC Thomson or Linford Romance Library. Sally is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and serves on its committee, organising their bi-annual parties and the Awards reception. She has previously worked as an advisor at a Law Centre and the Citizens Advice Bureau. Though born in South Wales, Sally now lives in Derbyshire with her husband and two West Highland Terriers.

Oh that’s grand. She promises to come back and have a slice of my spicy fruit cake soon where we can chat about her work. Why not zap over to her launch on Facebook now?

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