Happy erm….

It’s that time of year again. Many of my friends and folks on TV are getting horribly stressed about “having a great time.” At the risk of sounding smug, we are very fortunate in not having to do this. Our families live in other countries and celebrate their own way. We don’t do cards, we give the money to charity and presents are more little tokens, something silly that the other one wouldn’t have “wasted” money on. The grandchildren haven’t expected gifts since the first year I was a new Granny and spent a fortune on postage for which we didn’t even get a phone call in thanks. Their Granddad informed them that was the end of present-giving.

Badger is a confirmed scientist and atheist who only believes in what he can see and prove. I will happily celebrate with anyone, whatever their reason. Being happy and wishing happiness is never wrong. However, plumping for “Happy New Year” would get me into trouble with die-hard pagans who did THEIR New Year at Samhain (Halloween) which was the start of the Celtic New Year.

In this house we tend to go along with my Quaker aunt’s saying that every day is sacred, no day is any holier than another and each is a cause for celebration. To be honest, when one has nearly crossed over as often as the pair of us have (Badger in overturning ships, submarines being hit and road accidents) – just waking up really is a cause for joy.

Also we’re in France where Christmas is a purely family thing. People drive from one side of this rather large country to the other to sit down at table with three or four generations and eat from ten o’clock in the evening until three in the morning. We have been invited twice and were very unwell for days after, our digestive systems still being used to eating no later than 7.30 pm.

Badger will happily “do” Solstice because he is happy that the days are going to get longer. This year we will be exchanging our little tokens on the 25th because his special railway modelling books won’t arrive until the 24th. I’ve made a cake but if we decide to “feast” (improbably but possible) I’ll make a nut roast and he’ll add a bit of poultry to it. There will be masses of roast veg and sauce.

It suits us fine and I really feel for those who are dragged kicking and screaming into the festivities.  If you love Christmas – great! Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and I’ll wish you all Solstice Blessings tomorrow.  Christmas Greetings for online 2014


13 thoughts on “Happy erm….

  1. Ailsa, I love the pandas on your card. We will probably have cake on December 24th as that’s my husband’s 84th birthday. There for a while a couple of months ago his caregiver and I weren’t sure he’d be here to see it. He had serious chest congestion. He broke his hip in June and didn’t want an operation so doesn’t get around much. His caregiver’s taken excellent care of him. She’s here 24/7. I used to send out cards but no more. I email and/or write to a few old friends and our children in the U.S. Things are quiet with us these days. There’s more than enough noise in the surrounding area as Indians love loud music over speakers and fireworks. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, darling, the best present you’ll get this year is still having your husband around with you. I’m very glad of that. Our bestest to you, hubby AND care-giver, a very under-congratulated set of people xxxx

  2. That sounds like such a good idea. We will continue to do a ‘traditional Christmas’ while we still have my Mum – she’s 89 and Christmas is HUGE to her – but one day we will be able to make our own Midwinter traditions.

    Enjoy your nutroast and your quiet and private celebrations.

  3. Fab – I’m not starting a “Stuff Christmas not the Turkey” movement but I think many people feel forced to over-spend and live up to impossible expectations. Chill folks – midwinter IS a time to celebrate – even if it’s only that Spring is on its way, but you don’t have to make yourself miserable over it.

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