International Radio Guest!!

Catch it here interview

As the subject was mainly gay fiction, Cameron took over but he did a great job!!!

Really thrilled today to tell you that I’m going to be interviewed for Write on the Edge  

I’m glad that William sent me a list of question because at 5 am I won’t be lively enough to think up my own topics. There were 50 in the list and we whittled it down to 20 on which I can be amusing (or at least vaguely interesting)

I’m going to drag my twin, Cameron Lawton, along with me so he may be mumbling away in the background.

Some of the questions I chose NOT to answer are because I’ve already blogged so much about my previous influences.  The one I missed out because it would have taken up a whole show was “Are there any subjects you want to write about but don’t?’

Yes! Hundreds. The reason I don’t is that I’m already stretched to capacity with three genres (Shaman’s Drum pagan fantasy and romance, Cameron’s detective fiction and my new venture in autobiographical humour) so although I would love to take a punt at adventure with a trans main character, some historical fiction and an autobiography written in chick-lit style…………. there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I’ll be publishing a link back to the interview and I hope you’ll all listen. I’m such a rotten show-off and ex-actress that I love being on the radio. Next stop TV?

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