Happy Birthday dear Spirits ………

Hi Ailsa, thanks for the invite to join you today – magic carpets are definitely easier second time around! That in itself is something I’d never have been saying a year ago… I know – one gets used to them and I find it much more comfy than airplanes and certainly less painful than a … More Happy Birthday dear Spirits ………

Any news?

Many of my colleagues are producing newsletters and it has been suggested that they are a great way of staying in touch with the readership. I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, my friends and regular followers if you would appreciate a monthly or quarterly newsletter from me and if so, what you would like … More Any news?

Lisa Shambrook

I was prompted to invite my friend today by a post on her blog. This is mad because I have known her for ages and should have hauled her over here before. Here comes the carpet and with her hair blowing in the wind is Lisa Shambrook. (hug squee kiss kiss) Big hugs and squeee … More Lisa Shambrook

New opportunity!

That is otter giving you a high-paw because we have excellent news! I’m proud to announce that I’ve been accepted into the family of 117 contributing writers for OAPschat. My first article appears today. Thanks to Janice Rosser for this.  Hair Today.   I couldn’t be more delighted.

Drumroll for…Drori

Hello, it’s me again. Nanny Ab is locked away upstairs writing her/my memoires. I’m slightly worried this morning because my guest on the flying carpet today is coming from Jerusalem. She’ll have no flak from the Arab contingent because the carpet used to belong to my Djinn friend, Ali but I’m concerned about her flying it … More Drumroll for…Drori

Unblocking Spell

Just like any other mental condition, there is a lot written about Writer’s Block and much of it is total tosh….because, like other mental conditions, the causes vary from writer to writer. Mine is due to head trauma so telling me to just get on with it is like asking a Parkinson’s disease sufferer to enter … More Unblocking Spell

Ted Darling

One of my recent guests, Lesley Krier Tither (Tottie Limejuice) enjoyed herself so much that she has come back and brought her new main character with her. I think Cameron might have nagged her into doing this as he was dying to meet Ted . Welcome both of you. I’ve got some ginger-beer for us … More Ted Darling

What message?

I’m constantly at a loss when interviewed when asked “And what is the message behind your books?” The answer seems obvious to me. The message is whatever the reader takes away from it which may well be different for each person. In both my Cameron and Ailsa works I hope that one of the themes … More What message?