Eve Arroyo’s Special Offer!

Welcome back to Bingergread Cottage garden where we have the awning out and the table laid to welcome a new friend who has a very special offer to share. Here she comes – no, don’t jump off the magic carpet, it has a special landing pad just here. Welcome, Eve! Sit down, grab some comestibles … More Eve Arroyo’s Special Offer!


For anyone who doesn’t know, those letters stand for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a technique we were taught as language-teachers to adults. In this context though I’m just sharing a laugh that I had with Badger today. Anyone familiar with my FB posts might have noticed that I often say “As you were…” after a panic statement. … More NLP


I had a lesson in esteem today, from Gregory, one of my orphans. He pointed out that while in the Anglophone world (he knows big words, does Gregory) they are known as Teddy-Bears in memory of an American President, Roosevelt who refused to shoot a bear cub. Yes, we know that … yaaaaaaawn. “Well,” he … More Nanny-bear.

Learning curve.

The picture above is my idea of a really awful review – one star and a fist behind it. This piece was inspired by a discussion on FB started by my dear friend, the children’s author Brenda May Williams  We are often asked “What is the hardest thing about being a writer?” with the expected … More Learning curve.

Runaway train

WARNING – the last paragraph may be suitable only for adult readers. Isn’t it amazing how far a chance remark can take one when blessed with a circuitous mind? They talk about “train of thought” and all I can say is that mine must be the milk train from Paddington that zooms to Plymouth without … More Runaway train

Different strokes

There is a conspiracy. I’m not normally a conspiracy-theorist, I’m willing to believe that men really did land on the moon, Princess Diana’s death actually was an accident and President Kennedy was shot by a lone loony. However, when it comes to keyboards, which play a major part in my life (wot wiff me bein’ … More Different strokes

Patience is …

…a necessity. Several things have come together today to make me realise this. The first is that I am a very impatient person. I want to get things done now. The neurologist asking if I were impulsive made me reflect on that. Impulsive/impatient – maybe they are the same thing. Wanting to recover from an … More Patience is …

Good / bad

I’m grateful to Linda Gruchy for inspiring this blog post. Although we started out our FB encounter rather badly, we ended up friends and this is what we were discussing, “Scare Labels”. The media in general and the tabloids in particular have very cleverly invented “knee-jerk word signals” to which we are all now programmed … More Good / bad