Friends’ Advice

You probably all know that I have been going through a bad time with my health, just one damn thing after another, which has (unsurprisingly) left me anxious and depressed. Other things in my life aren’t brilliant but it’s hard to be objective when alternately trying to die or vomiting enough to turn oneself inside … More Friends’ Advice

A Grim Story

You may have heard of the tales collected by the brothers Grimm but this isn’t one of them. Once upon a time there were three brothers. Not being a fairy tale, you will understand that there were no magic beans, cows or valiant princes involved. They were just three ordinary sons. The younger two left … More A Grim Story

Omens and portents

Ought to expect it, I suppose, with my Croning ceremony coming up. There have been an awful lot of the above going on around here. First of all there was my dear old pent. I have worn this around my neck for over twenty years, since my elevation. Thick stainless steel, on a strong chain, … More Omens and portents


I re-read my post “Journeying” and started to laugh myself silly. I am constantly amazed by my ability to ignore my own advice and teachings I have known for years. One of the biggest “fossilized faults” in my practice is flinging questions out into the Universe like an automatic tennis ball launcher and failing to notice … More ASK, LOOK and LISTEN


I suppose it is slightly ironical that when I post about my shaman search for answers to my own questions, it always prompts others to ask me about the process. I used to teach “the Craft” which is an overall and over-used term for anything a bit WooWoo. I don’t now but I am very … More Questions…

Same problem

As many of you enjoyed my first Crone tale I thought I would tell you a personal one. I used to be a veterinary nurse and there are a couple of things in common with that and being a Crone. The decision to end suffering or try to prolong life is one and the impossibility … More Same problem