Pay Attention, please.

My latest novel, Attention to Death, has been gathering very good reviews from intelligent readers who took notice of the blurb and understood that the two investigators were gay. I am thrilled and grateful that people with some brains have found it worth Five Stars. It makes up for the bigots who demanded free copies … More Pay Attention, please.

Any news?

Many of my colleagues are producing newsletters and it has been suggested that they are a great way of staying in touch with the readership. I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, my friends and regular followers if you would appreciate a monthly or quarterly newsletter from me and if so, what you would like … More Any news?


Above is the logo of the British Advertising Standards Agency which controls the quality of all advertising in all media in the United Kingdom. I’ve had several dealings with them and one of the things they jump up and down on are unclear adverts where vital bits of information are missing. I feel I’ve been” … More Professional?

Revolution Day

Hello Ailsa, It’s great to be back at the Bingergread Cottage. Many thanks for inviting me! This week I’m celebrating the anniversary of my second novel Revolution Day, which was published by Crooked Cat this time last year. In honour of that, the e-book is reduced to 99p/99c until 17 July! (And of course, as … More Revolution Day

Stellar Attraction!

My guest today, hopping nimbly off the magic carpet is Stella Hervey Birrell First off – what would you like to drink? I’ve got a really picky tea order (decaf with soya milk) so perhaps we’d be best to just skip straight to the lager. It’s five o’clock somewhere right? Sure is – I can … More Stellar Attraction!