Less than a coffee but lasts longer

  NEWS Shaman’s Drum is now reduced for a short while. The ebook costs less than a cup of coffee and it is far more satisfying.    This book was written first because I “saw” the opening scenes in my head like a film-trailer. I was hooked and had to write the rest of the … More Less than a coffee but lasts longer

Same problem

As many of you enjoyed my first Crone tale I thought I would tell you a personal one. I used to be a veterinary nurse and there are a couple of things in common with that and being a Crone. The decision to end suffering or try to prolong life is one and the impossibility … More Same problem

The Cowardly Veggie

No publicity today, just a little chat on eating habits. Yesterday we celebrated our Solstice with a feast…we would have done the “bringing back the light” ceremony but a certain ancient Badger couldn’t keep still in the dark and kept fiddling with things, broke my concentration and the energies just left. No worries, it all … More The Cowardly Veggie