Unexpected help

After long-night was always a bad time for Vixen. The men with bang-sticks were out in force and their dogs were getting better at finding her hideouts. They tried to chase her towards the bangs but usually she was too clever for them. On this morning, however, she was tired from a night’s foraging and … More Unexpected help

New friendships

The riverbank folk had few dealings with humans. Granny Wytcher’s offspring was an exception due to her mother having saved Dog Otter’s life. She became a semi-permanent fixture wandering through with her small dog although she couldn’t communicate. Otter supposed they sometimes did “feel thinks” to each other because she could not explain how she knew … More New friendships

Super Stars visit!

You find us in a state of huge excitement this morning as we have some very special guests coming to chat about their newest book. The orphans have put on their party hats because one of the guests is their hero. I’ve sent the magic carpet and if I tell you that I’m making a … More Super Stars visit!


You may have noticed by now that the riverbank folk generally lived in harmony, accepting newcomers like Rocky even when they weren’t native and were hard to understand. Rocky had settled in with Badger and they formed an unlikely friendship, one hardly speaking and the other nearly unintelligible, but they were part of the riverside … More Stinkers!

Otter singing

Some of you may have wondered what my beloved otter the Bard sounds like when she sings on the riverbank or by the stones under the moon. I think she probably sounds rather like me so here is a song for you. I learned it in baby school in Scotland and it is just the … More Otter singing

Gift of song

It was that dispiriting time of year when winter was not quite over but had gone on quite long enough and spring hadn’t quite arrived. The riverbank animals were restless and grumpy. It had been a hard winter; they had lost a few old friends, including Granny Wytcher who had “gone upstream” during the cold months, … More Gift of song

Otter’s dam

I’m writing this for my friend Awen Thornber, She is another scribbler on a similar path so we put our heads together and came up with this little tale about writer’s block. Otter’s dam I told you in a previous tale how Otter became a bard but in the last year or so, what with … More Otter’s dam

Whoooo knows?

Inspiration for today’s thoughts comes from Cottage Life Magazine to whom I am very grateful.   It was shared on FB by my friends Nancy Jardine and Di Horsfield   Apart from going Awwwwwwwwwww very loudly, on further examination it made me think “I wonder if, in an alternative universe, the big owl covering them … More Whoooo knows?