Every ending …..

… is also a beginning.    I’ve lived by this all my life, it’s part of the pagan creed and just common sense. When something stops, something else starts because Nature abhors a vacuum. This has all come home to me in many ways recently. Facing up to Badger’s death has been a surprisingly positive … More Every ending …..

Friends’ Advice

You probably all know that I have been going through a bad time with my health, just one damn thing after another, which has (unsurprisingly) left me anxious and depressed. Other things in my life aren’t brilliant but it’s hard to be objective when alternately trying to die or vomiting enough to turn oneself inside … More Friends’ Advice

Possessions lessons

Some of you may have remarked that my life has been somewhat lively since last August when I celebrated my Croning. Things are changing and the only reason for change is: lessons to be learned. You may remember that my old pent made it known that it needed to be elsewhere, around the time that … More Possessions lessons

WILD? Bloody furious!

See that photo up there? Does that look to you like a WILD macaque? No, me neither. Please welcome my guest today, Chippy the Macaque who is being held prisoner by ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society(Singapore) Can you tell us what happened, Chippy? Sorry, I’ll translate for you, as my readers don’t understand … More WILD? Bloody furious!

Guillaume’s Bad Day

Storks are the symbol of Alsace, a small country that can’t make its mind up it if is German or French and so speaks a mixture of the two languages and benefits from both “cuisines” It was, therefore, a matter of complete bafflement to them that in mythology they were supposed to deliver the babies … More Guillaume’s Bad Day

His name in French

For my beloved Silky and Gemma A lesson in kindness A tale from my own village in France. Down by the river, where the ruins still stand, was once a rich building, a fortified farmstead. Even now we still call it “Le château”. The son of the owner was a pleasant lad. He didn’t join … More His name in French

Never alone.

Turn to the left, down the road to the ford. A quick glance to my left, to the North where the two earth mothers reside. Great Grandmother Bear gets a polite greeting and the Blue Lady a whispered prayer in the language of the village, her prayer, the only one I say that was written … More Never alone.

Like riding a bike..

As some of you may remember, my “proper” job until invalided out was teaching English to adults at all levels from total beginner to coaching fluent speakers in presentations & negotiating. At one point I put flyers around the bazaars offering private lessons around here too. This was about five years ago so you can … More Like riding a bike..

New friendships

The riverbank folk had few dealings with humans. Granny Wytcher’s offspring was an exception due to her mother having saved Dog Otter’s life. She became a semi-permanent fixture wandering through with her small dog although she couldn’t communicate. Otter supposed they sometimes did “feel thinks” to each other because she could not explain how she knew … More New friendships