My little machine

Don’t run away with the wrong idea. When the Badger asked me what I’d like for my birthday and I said without hesitation “Horse” it got quite nasty.  He HAD said “something extravagant you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself”. He doesn’t know me very well. So, having sulked and got Nanny Ab onto him for … More My little machine

So I’m wrong!

Nanny Ab here again. Well, one of my good points is that when proved wrong I am gracious about it. I have many faults, as Missy and the Ancient Mariner never fail to point out to me but…. We are here and so far, not one person has held out their paw for a tip. … More So I’m wrong!


Nanny Ab here and I am not very happy, as you can see from the photo. In fact, I’m furious. While I doesn’t mind being Herself’s alter-ego for memoires, at my age I’m well past being a bodyguard, minder and permanently riding shot-gun to protect Her from Badger’s whims. You would think, with Missy preparing to celebrate her 60th birthday that … More WHERE????

Nanny Ab heads South

If you haven’t read Four Go Mad in Catalonia you can get it through this link. Despite her (mis)adventures in that one, Nanny Ab agreed to accompany the Ancient Mariner, this time with only one faithful hound and a bloody-minded cat back towards the scene of those disasters. They went south. Why south? Well for … More Nanny Ab heads South