Bat-shit crazy out of hell.

Many of you will already know these lyrics but just in case … go on, treat yourself. How did I start laughing again? Well, at myself, of course. These words were spinning around my damaged head in the early hours and I began to giggle. “Torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike” … More Bat-shit crazy out of hell.


If I say “midlife crisis”, what do you imagine. Think about it. Probably most of you are imagining a guy in his late forties with kids grown up, doing well in his career who goes back to the passions of his youth and can now indulge himself with a Harley Davidson motorcycle or a sports … More Midlife???

Hold the helicopter!

Despite severe injuries, I can  now afford to joke about my motorcycle accident at the end of August. There is a thing called “post trauma amnesia” from which I suffer – bonk me on the head and I forget everything for anything from an hour to a day or so BEFORE the incident. So far … More Hold the helicopter!

Is this goodbye?

There is a weird synchronicity that goes on in my funny little world. I was writing in Book 3 about a shaman connecting with the spirit of a machine. OK pick yourselves up off the floor laughing and then tell me when you don’t shout at your computer, thinking it might actually do some good. … More Is this goodbye?

Ode to Hath

I have a motorcycle He’s my pride and joy indeed I am never ever happier Than when taking bends at speed. I sing with joy while riding On my black and silver steed. In summer time when it is hot The bikers all turn to A ride-out I can find sometimes I raise left fist … More Ode to Hath