Unofficial mascot

You will know by now that I never do anything by the book – not even write them. It follows, therefore, that when I was in the military I played cat’s cradle with all the regulations so that I could do what I was best at. I only nicked a Hercules once but that was … More Unofficial mascot

In the blood

Must be something genetic. I am Scottish. Despite having changed my “official” nationality to French there is no denying it. No, I’m not a tartan-lampshade ex-pat Scot who wants to be more Alba than the ones still living there but for sure there is something in my soul that responds to the call of the … More In the blood

Is this goodbye?

There is a weird synchronicity that goes on in my funny little world. I was writing in Book 3 about a shaman connecting with the spirit of a machine. OK pick yourselves up off the floor laughing and then tell me when you don’t shout at your computer, thinking it might actually do some good. … More Is this goodbye?