“As flies to wanton boys….

…are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport.” (Shakespeare → King Lear → Act 4, Scene 1, Page 2) There are many different names for the places where people believe their gods to live: Valhalla, Paradise, Heaven etc. It is little-known that the deities of all religions, of all ages, dwell happily together in a vast … More “As flies to wanton boys….

He’s coming to…

Deaths in the family are never convenient. Most especially if they are distant relatives but to whom one owes respect and living on the other side of the world. Great Aunt Sarah had moved back to the States to be near “the boys” a long time ago, leaving me in rural isolation in France which … More He’s coming to…

Strictly my recipe

I mentioned fireballs as a stress-buster the other day and there was considerable interest. You may remember that Riga, the Black Shaman heroine of my novels, from her earliest days, could fling them about wildly. I’m afraid that mine aren’t as spectacular as hers and consequently pose less of a risk as far as arson … More Strictly my recipe

Omens and portents

Ought to expect it, I suppose, with my Croning ceremony coming up. There have been an awful lot of the above going on around here. First of all there was my dear old pent. I have worn this around my neck for over twenty years, since my elevation. Thick stainless steel, on a strong chain, … More Omens and portents

My little machine

Don’t run away with the wrong idea. When the Badger asked me what I’d like for my birthday and I said without hesitation “Horse” it got quite nasty.  He HAD said “something extravagant you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself”. He doesn’t know me very well. So, having sulked and got Nanny Ab onto him for … More My little machine


It’s well known that tales as they are passed down through generations become mangled. I have it on very good authority (one of my tiny dragons told me) that this is exactly what has happened to the “patron saint” of England. It was all a horrible misunderstanding which is why you will never see a … More Misunderstanding…


YULE LOVE THIS IDEA! We celebrate the Winter Solstice or Yule so as my gift to you readers I would like to present – for the two days of 22nd and 23rd December only…..Both books in the Alchemy series at 99p or cents each for an e-book. Come on, less than a cup of coffee? … More TWO DAYS ONLY

Not myself

Some of you expressed an interest in an advanced healing procedure I tried on myself so I’ll do my best to give you the basic outline. First off – please do NOT try this at home. I’m lucky enough to have been practising various types of spiritual exercise for a long time and leaping into … More Not myself