Bloody Limie

Speaking generally, I prefer animals to humans. Of course I know some people whom I adore just as those who say “I hate dogs” end up cuddling Lilydogge (which is why it is silly to make sweeping generalisations). I have also known people who are convinced that their child even looking at a dog or … More Bloody Limie


I get a lot of inspiration from FB and this week it has all been on the above theme. I think I shocked a few people when I answered one of those silly questionnaires which included: How many pregnancies ? (in my case 3) and How many children? (none) Most people know I have no kids but didn’t … More Family

Nanny Piglet

I’ve had a lot of names in my life. From my original Scottish name Ailsa through to my French name Elise … via all sorts of wrangling. The name I cherish most is Nanny Piglet. Why? Well, my nearly grandchildren, offspring of my other half’s first marriage, their next in line, came over to visit. … More Nanny Piglet

Never alone.

Turn to the left, down the road to the ford. A quick glance to my left, to the North where the two earth mothers reside. Great Grandmother Bear gets a polite greeting and the Blue Lady a whispered prayer in the language of the village, her prayer, the only one I say that was written … More Never alone.

Brenda the Bountiful

Our guest today is a wonderful person and good friend. Not just an author but a tireless worker for charity. Please welcome Brenda May Williams. Wait for the carpet to land flat, Bren or you’ll not be able to get off with your sticks. Cam will jump up and give you a hand down. Did … More Brenda the Bountiful

Meet my friends …

Any great review on one’s book is cause for celebration but today’s new one blew my socks off : A Spell-binding Mix of Magic and Realism, 9 Jun. 2015 By Shani Verified Purchase This review is from: Alchemy (Kindle Edition) World politics, demons stalking the earth, the Fae and the Morrigan – what’s not to … More Meet my friends …