Criminal Cock-up!

Enormous thanks to my co-hosts Jane Bwye, Nancy Jardine, Sue Bernard and Katy Johnson for holding the fort when my Attention to Death launch party crashed due to a farmer knocking down a telegraph pole. Such is the fun of life in the wilds of near-Alpine France. So to make up for it, we are … More Criminal Cock-up!

Right time…

I’m a successful photographer now, not a struggling model/actress as I was back then, doing whatever I could to get by in Paris’ dirty world of sparkling fashion. As I walk towards the meeting place, looking only for the one man I want to see, I nearly miss the ethereal face made by the shadows … More Right time…


Imagine the scene. You are in a tea room with a friend. You don’t know me from Adam but your friend does. You’re having a conversation when I storm over and say “Your views are repugnant to me as a XXXX and I am therefore obliged to headbutt you in the face very hard”. Not … More Reasonable?

Shall I…?

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Perhaps Uncomfortably sweaty and lethargic. Or possibly a winter’s night When I am shut out in the cold. Peering in the window At a roaring fire. You make me feel like a leaf Caught in an autumn gale Thrown this way and that And never knowing Which … More Shall I…?

Tiddles’ Diet

(With apologies to Monty Python – or with gratitude.)   Scene – Byzantium, 4th Century AD.   Enter Attenbrus to the presence of the Emperor Constantine.   ATTENBRUS: Hail mighty Constantine.   CONSTANTINE: (lounging on a bench eating grapes) How goes the Imperial menagerie?   ATTENBRUS: That’s the reason for my visit, Mighty Emperor. I’m … More Tiddles’ Diet

A Possibility

We’ve celebrated Equinox and Passover is done But there’s Easter, Beltain, Pentecost and others still to come A lot of opportunities to wish each other cheer And join in the festivities, but just for some, I fear. I wonder if the spirit universal gives a sigh When regarding our divisions, could the great creator cry? … More A Possibility

After the flood

God made it rain to flood the earth For forty nights and days But bade old Noah build an Ark The animals to save.   God said the evil in the world For them there was no blame So to kill the animals Would be a dreadful shame.   And so God spared the animals … More After the flood

Modern Nursery Rhymes 6

Little boy blue is looking forlorn His phone’s confiscated for sending out porn But where is the girl in the sexting so clear? Down at the nick, but no-one will hear. Will they believe that she wasn’t to blame? No, they will leave her to live with her shame.   (photo courtesy of Jeff Gardiner)