NWD 2018

I have a notoriously bad memory and live on reminder notes and lists. My friends on Twitter tell me that this is National Writing Day so I should try to hang onto that fact. So – number One, while keeping up with my nursing and caring duties I must leave reminders all over the shop … More NWD 2018

Now orchestrated!

In junior school I was drawn to the percussion section of the school orchestra. Of course I was, banging, hitting, generally making a racket was something at which I was rather good. So I spent a few years messing around with triangles, cymbals, tambourines etc. although they wouldn’t let me loose on drums because I … More Now orchestrated!


eugene_delacroix_-la_liberte_guidant_le_peuple [COUNTABLE] a sudden or major change, especially in ideas or methods Last year I came up with the idea of “wisholutions” to avoid the feeling of remorse when breaking “resolutions”. Now I’ve changed my mind again and decided that “wisholutions” are wishy-washy. Do or not do, there is no “try”.  To this end, I … More New Year’s REVOLUTION

Lisa Shambrook

I was prompted to invite my friend today by a post on her blog. This is mad because I have known her for ages and should have hauled her over here before. Here comes the carpet and with her hair blowing in the wind is Lisa Shambrook. (hug squee kiss kiss) Big hugs and squeee … More Lisa Shambrook

Omens and portents

Ought to expect it, I suppose, with my Croning ceremony coming up. There have been an awful lot of the above going on around here. First of all there was my dear old pent. I have worn this around my neck for over twenty years, since my elevation. Thick stainless steel, on a strong chain, … More Omens and portents

What message?

I’m constantly at a loss when interviewed when asked “And what is the message behind your books?” The answer seems obvious to me. The message is whatever the reader takes away from it which may well be different for each person. In both my Cameron and Ailsa works I hope that one of the themes … More What message?

All change…

Phew! Looks like we are in for a change of life again. No, not that one, stop smirking, way past that stage. I discovered that my invalidity pension will change in August and I’ll go onto my Old Age Pension instead. This means that the supplement paid by my ex-employer’s insurance will cease but I … More All change…