All change, everybody off!

The latest bulletin from our home-hospital is that Badger and I are going to have to shift bedrooms. This means my study will disappear to accommodate two double beds as I don’t dare share one with him anymore. The problem is that he talks, roars, kicks, punches and swears in his sleep. This has got … More All change, everybody off!

Smug to be back.

Nanny Ab again. Last one from me for a while. Herself and the A.M. are buzzing around falling over each other unpacking so I can nick the comfy computer to let you know we are all back in one piece. Slight hilarity with sudden outbreak of pepper – A.M. had broken the lid on a … More Smug to be back.


Nanny Ab loves special offers and freebies. She was brought up to be frugal so leaps on anything useful marked “reduced”. So it was that last night she was re-designing her business card. No, for a village witch a business card isn’t essential but shows a certain class, especially when this was at 50% off! … More (Ret’d)