Pay Attention, please.

My latest novel, Attention to Death, has been gathering very good reviews from intelligent readers who took notice of the blurb and understood that the two investigators were gay. I am thrilled and grateful that people with some brains have found it worth Five Stars. It makes up for the bigots who demanded free copies … More Pay Attention, please.

Any news?

Many of my colleagues are producing newsletters and it has been suggested that they are a great way of staying in touch with the readership. I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, my friends and regular followers if you would appreciate a monthly or quarterly newsletter from me and if so, what you would like … More Any news?

Cheap not cheerful.

We don’t have any Poundland (other cheap stores exist) over here so when in the UK I like to bimble around in them. I get the idea. It’s not expensive and sometimes you get something very good. Expectations aren’t high but at least everyone is in the same situation, every shopper minding the pennies and … More Cheap not cheerful.

New opportunity!

That is otter giving you a high-paw because we have excellent news! I’m proud to announce that I’ve been accepted into the family of 117 contributing writers for OAPschat. My first article appears today. Thanks to Janice Rosser for this.  Hair Today.   I couldn’t be more delighted.

New friendships

The riverbank folk had few dealings with humans. Granny Wytcher’s offspring was an exception due to her mother having saved Dog Otter’s life. She became a semi-permanent fixture wandering through with her small dog although she couldn’t communicate. Otter supposed they sometimes did “feel thinks” to each other because she could not explain how she knew … More New friendships


You may have noticed by now that the riverbank folk generally lived in harmony, accepting newcomers like Rocky even when they weren’t native and were hard to understand. Rocky had settled in with Badger and they formed an unlikely friendship, one hardly speaking and the other nearly unintelligible, but they were part of the riverside … More Stinkers!


The human brain is a kindly organ. When faced with extreme trauma it wipes out all memory which is why, when the couple woke up in their stationary car, they could remember nothing apart from a very large pair of headlights coming straight at them. It was a sunny afternoon, which was strange as the … More After…


Listen please! I tell you about now. We are on holly-days which is go away from home kennel in kennel-on-wheels and find people wot bark funny. Mum love it. She go around showing teef and say small, other humans show teef back and that make her happy. She go “LOL” lots which is open mouth … More Kennel-on-wheels.