What are friends for?

I’ve spoken on this blog before about how many friends I have in the medical centre, hospitals and our local pharmacy. Here is a funny that came up today. Given a few centimes change in the chemist’s the other day I asked if they didn’t have a charity box. We got talking and agreed it … More What are friends for?

Would smell as ……

I’m an international criminal in France. Changing first names is not allowed except in very strict circumstances so if you are born James Poobum, you stay James Poobum until you die. That’s why we are so iffy about first names being recognisable. There is a list in the Town Hall so forget about calling your … More Would smell as ……

Smug to be back.

Nanny Ab again. Last one from me for a while. Herself and the A.M. are buzzing around falling over each other unpacking so I can nick the comfy computer to let you know we are all back in one piece. Slight hilarity with sudden outbreak of pepper – A.M. had broken the lid on a … More Smug to be back.

His name in French

For my beloved Silky and Gemma A lesson in kindness A tale from my own village in France. Down by the river, where the ruins still stand, was once a rich building, a fortified farmstead. Even now we still call it “Le château”. The son of the owner was a pleasant lad. He didn’t join … More His name in French

In shock.

PLEASE NOTE – this blog has been edited to remove a paragraph that caused some confusion and led to some people assuming I was anti-Muslim. Far from it. I grew up surrounded by Muslims and am not anti ANYONE unless they cause pain and suffering) The events in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015 shocked … More In shock.

Shock, horror!

Having sung the praises of the French Health System without fail, I finally came across a major boo-boo this week although it might have been the Old Feller’s fault. As you may have heard, he had an abscess but refused to go to the dentist until his face looked like a cartoon image of a … More Shock, horror!