Dogs Prohibited

I’ve just been banned from the local chemist’s. In my last post I mentioned “hypochondriac poker” and how I had an almost unbeatable full-house ‘backs with head’. My doctor sent me for a scan which proved I now have four aces, all in the spine so they have asked me to send the Old Feller … More Dogs Prohibited


Listen please! I tell you about now. We are on holly-days which is go away from home kennel in kennel-on-wheels and find people wot bark funny. Mum love it. She go around showing teef and say small, other humans show teef back and that make her happy. She go “LOL” lots which is open mouth … More Kennel-on-wheels.

A commitment?

Please listen. I want to tell you my story. I was taken away from my mother when I was a bit too young to manage on my own and given as a present to a woman. Everything went very well for the first few sun-ups and I was good boy and went out in the … More A commitment?

Count on Lily

On the long drive back from town this morning, Lily and I had a chat about biscuits. No, it isn’t fascinating to you, but it is a vital subject to her. Whenever we go out for a walk we have “bikkie ritual” which we’ve used over the years to encourage her not to go off … More Count on Lily

Grayfriar’s Wullie

There’s a famous canine statue that stands by Grayfriar’s kirk Of a doggie who’d no leave his master’s side E’en once the man was dead, He would lay beside his head In the cold and wet…the dozy little berk. But another well-known hound is remembered in the town Though he isn’t quite as famous as … More Grayfriar’s Wullie

Los Govanos

You’ll have to excuse me but this post will need writing in forms of the English language that cause my spell-checker to have heart failure. The Southerners amongst you will have to google half the words or check with my beloved friend Mr. Gallagher. Today we discovered that “identity” and “ethnicity” have absolutely nothing whatsoever … More Los Govanos

Beauty AND Brains

My guest today is Gina Dickerson, who I met at her launch party and discovered that we share a lot of interests, including wolves, dogs and magic. I read her book “Mortiswood” and loved it so immediately asked her to come and talk about her work. (The fact that she made me a fabulous wolf … More Beauty AND Brains