Tim’s Taylor’s Christmas Gift

Santa Tim has something for you! I’m delighted to welcome Tim back as he is an old mate and colleague of mine and no stranger to this blog. Hello, Ailsa! It’s great to visit the Bingergread Cottage once again. Thank you for inviting me along to talk about my novel, Revolution Day, published this year … More Tim’s Taylor’s Christmas Gift

Nancy Jardine visits

Delighted to have Nancy back for a visit after far too long a gap. This time she has come herself so I’ve banished my characters outside. Nancy, welcome to the Bingergread Cottage and make yourself comfy. There’s hot drinks available and cake or biscuits on the table. 1 Where is your work going now? Your … More Nancy Jardine visits

Christmas Holly

We don’t do Christmas in our house. I know what it is because I see it on the box. When the cold weather comes I see gorgeous food and happy people and it makes me sad. Sometimes my mouth fills with water and I dribble which makes Mum smack me and call me a cretin. … More Christmas Holly

How true?

I’m adopting my Riga persona to write this… Listings Alchemy #7 and Shaman’s Drum #10 in Pagan Dark Fantasy on Amazon.com Shaman’s Drum #4 and Alchemy #12 on Amazon.uk Listings Both in Top 30 in Canada Listings Why is this important? Change the question. IS it important? I ask because I had a very unfortunate … More How true?

Sweet offer.

  Crooked Cat are offering a Valentine’s reduction. E-books are down to 99p (or equivalent) on all Amazon sites. Romance instant access. For you? For a loved one? A surprise present for “that special someone”.  Who knows where a book can lead? And at that price…take a chance