When “frugal” becomes “spew-gal”

  WARNING – readers of a nervous disposition may find this post distasteful. No sex, nudity or rude words but… I was brought up with the worthy Scottish principle of “frugality”. My Granny and my mother used to repeat “Wilful waste makes woeful want” and then launch into a maudlin poem. So I’ve been conditioned … More When “frugal” becomes “spew-gal”


  When I was still a pig-tailed lass An end of term report From my kind of St Trinian’s Just made me swear and snort. It caused my Ma to chortle Because she thought it fair “We feel that little Ailsa Is not a good team player” Well that’s a load of poppycock Or so … More Maverick

Pit Stop

I was prompted to share this by a comment that came up on FB the other day and I thought it might amuse. If you haven’t read How To Steal An Elephant   then this post may come as a surprise to you. I’ll make a cup of coffee if you want to go back … More Pit Stop