A Little Bit of Karen

October isn’t the best month to come over here by magic carpet but my guest today is one tough gal. Here comes Karen Little and some of her friends. Hello, you lot! Ailsa, I hope you don’t mind me bringing my dogs, Chicken and Noodles. I can’t go anywhere without them. They were fairly well … More A Little Bit of Karen

Revolution Day

Hello Ailsa, It’s great to be back at the Bingergread Cottage. Many thanks for inviting me! This week I’m celebrating the anniversary of my second novel Revolution Day, which was published by Crooked Cat this time last year. In honour of that, the e-book is reduced to 99p/99c until 17 July! (And of course, as … More Revolution Day

Unblocking Spell

Just like any other mental condition, there is a lot written about Writer’s Block and much of it is total tosh….because, like other mental conditions, the causes vary from writer to writer. Mine is due to head trauma so telling me to just get on with it is like asking a Parkinson’s disease sufferer to enter … More Unblocking Spell

United We Stand

This is a first for the Bingergread Cottage. Today I am welcoming a group and as they couldn’t all fit on the magic carpet, I have used it myself to come to a meeting in a conference room in the UK. I’d like you to meet the new gang on the block (as a bunch if not … More United We Stand

Free Advertising.

My contribution to World Book Day.  There are two types of Spam. As in this much-loved Monty Python clip there is a luncheon-meat which comes in tins, original name coming from spiced ham. That isn’t bad, useful on camping trips or if one is ravenous at 3 am and dead lazy. The other one is … More Free Advertising.

Dreaded Deadlines

As an author I’ve always taken the Pirates of the Caribbean attitude to deadlines “more of a set of guidelines than rules”. That was until this morning when I crawled to my desk, swigged some coffee and realised with horror that I had a fantasy story due in tomorrow. The worst part of writing fantasy … More Dreaded Deadlines

Sweet offer.

  Crooked Cat are offering a Valentine’s reduction. E-books are down to 99p (or equivalent) on all Amazon sites. Romance instant access. For you? For a loved one? A surprise present for “that special someone”.  Who knows where a book can lead? And at that price…take a chance      


We all know them, don’t we? Those authors (other services are available) who post nothing on Social Media but their own publicity. Don’t worry – this isn’t one of my Do/Don’t rants. Self-publicity 101 – no, it isn’t. Promise. But you do know who I mean, don’t you? The ones who fly by, sprinkling the … More Principally…

Royalty visits!

A lady King … no, not a Queen. Somebody has crossed the water to be with us today. Catriona King, a dear friend from Belfast. So let’s give her a warm Bingergread Cottage welcome and get a hot drink into her to drive out the cold. Ooh, I would love a cup of tea. Milk … More Royalty visits!