Sorry, Mrs. Browning

How Bipolar am I? Let me count the ways. I’m Bippy to the depths of despair And to the heights of over confidence I’m Bipolar from the start to end of every day I will shake with fear under my duvet Or offer to lead a Polar Expedition I will spend until it hurts on … More Sorry, Mrs. Browning

Shall I…?

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Perhaps Uncomfortably sweaty and lethargic. Or possibly a winter’s night When I am shut out in the cold. Peering in the window At a roaring fire. You make me feel like a leaf Caught in an autumn gale Thrown this way and that And never knowing Which … More Shall I…?

A prayer

Now, listen here Almighty! I’ve a bone to pick with you About the heap of crappy stuff And pain I’ve just been through I know that you are merciful And do things for a reason But would YOU please remember To everything there is a season? You made me bright and cheerful I’m likely your … More A prayer


  I’m going into hospital But please don’t shed a tear No cause for worry, stress or fuss There is no need for fear. I’m only having tests you see Not put upon the rack The only one that might just sting Is the needle in my back Apart from that it’s chatting And I’m … More Hospital


  When I was still a pig-tailed lass An end of term report From my kind of St Trinian’s Just made me swear and snort. It caused my Ma to chortle Because she thought it fair “We feel that little Ailsa Is not a good team player” Well that’s a load of poppycock Or so … More Maverick

Ode to Hath

I have a motorcycle He’s my pride and joy indeed I am never ever happier Than when taking bends at speed. I sing with joy while riding On my black and silver steed. In summer time when it is hot The bikers all turn to A ride-out I can find sometimes I raise left fist … More Ode to Hath

A Possibility

We’ve celebrated Equinox and Passover is done But there’s Easter, Beltain, Pentecost and others still to come A lot of opportunities to wish each other cheer And join in the festivities, but just for some, I fear. I wonder if the spirit universal gives a sigh When regarding our divisions, could the great creator cry? … More A Possibility

After the flood

God made it rain to flood the earth For forty nights and days But bade old Noah build an Ark The animals to save.   God said the evil in the world For them there was no blame So to kill the animals Would be a dreadful shame.   And so God spared the animals … More After the flood

Modern Nursery Rhymes 6

Little boy blue is looking forlorn His phone’s confiscated for sending out porn But where is the girl in the sexting so clear? Down at the nick, but no-one will hear. Will they believe that she wasn’t to blame? No, they will leave her to live with her shame.   (photo courtesy of Jeff Gardiner)